Buying high quality products at a good price – this is the main goal of purchasing. Recently, the supplier moved into focus – not only by increasingly stringent laws such as the Supply Chain Act. The topic of sustainability is therefore becoming more and more present for procurement.

Sustainable procurement

Corporate sustainability and competitive prices? One prejudice here is certainly that sustainability only costs money and is not the main focus for customers. There is also little knowledge about sustainable procurement strategies and processes in education. Even though public interest in the topic has increased, a recent study by the JARO Institute has shown that there is still a low priority in companies.

Possible solutions

Implementing a new procurement policy and strategy can lead to more sustainable procurement. Ecolabels like Ecovadis monitor the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of companies along the supply chain. By sourcing from certified suppliers, the purchaser can make sure that products are sourced from a company that invests in sustainable programs. To ensure that this is possible, the purchasing department must receive the best possible support from the management. All measures should be implemented consequently. The management of Petrex GmbH is fully supporting this mindset.