Introduce Ningxia

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (NHAR), is an autonomous region located in the northwest part of the country. With an area of around 66,400 square kilometres the province is bordered by Shaanxi to the east, Gansu to the south and west, and Inner Mongolia Autonomous...

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Dragon Boat Festival on June 18

Beginning on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month people of several ethnic groups throughout China and the world celebrate the Dragon Boat festival on June 18. Especially in the middle and lower areas of the Yangtze River. The festivities vary from region to region,...

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CPhI China from June 20th – 22nd 2018

CPhI China is the leading pharmaceutical ingredients show in wider Asian - Pacific region. It brings together over 40,000+ professionals from 120 countries worldwide. Co-located with ICSE, Innopack, P-Mec, NEX, FDF, P-Logi, EP & Clean Tech, BioPh and Lab World it is...

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