About Sustainability

Petrex GmbH Sustainability

Sustainability is undisputedly a trending and important topic.

Many associates the term with the subject of environmental protection. Nevertheless, the concept of sustainability encompasses other areas – from personnel development to sustainable contracts.

For Petrex GmbH, sustainability is a matter of the heart.

Since the company’s foundation, various processes and measures exist to implement a holistic approach. In 2017, with EcoVadis – a sustainability rating provider, we found a way to certify existing processes, compare ourselves with the industry average and find further input for optimization. It is a comprehensive tool for our sustainability thinking!

There are different views on sustainability and its implementation. We have evolved processespolicies, and measures that affect the section’s Environment, Fair Business Practice, Sustainable Procurement and Ethics. Our efforts have already shown the first success. We are pleased to have achieved a platinum medal at EcoVadis and are also certified for GMP+.

But we see sustainability as a dynamic process and want to constantly improve. That’s why we set ourselves new goals regularly.


Developing tomorrow’s sustainable solutions and goals requires active collaboration right now. Monitoring and advising of the actors in the supply chain are to be expanded. We take the importance of Scope 3 emissions seriously and continue to reduce them. Our employees as key players in minimizing potential risks by creating an awareness of sustainability.