Code of Conduct

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Petrex GmbH Code of Conduct is a set of rules which is commonly written to protect the business and inform customers, suppliers and employees about the company´s expectations. It can be an important part in establishing an inclusive culture – but it is not a comprehensive solution on its own. A Code of Conduct is created by the company´s leaders who manifest their ethics in their attitudes and behavior. An effective implementation of a Code of Conduct must be a part of a learning process that requires training, consistent enforcement and continuous measurement improvement. The proof of effectiveness is when customers, suppliers and employees feel comfortable enough to voice concerns and believe that Petrex GmbH will respond with appropriate action.
This is our concern! Actions speak louder than words.


Our suppliers and forwarders must meet high standards, all the way from production to delivery. These demanding quality requirements apply along the entire supply chain. This includes the protection of animals, our natural environment and human rights and is supported by generally accepted guidelines and audit systems.


Product responsibility is a consistent hallmark of our actions. All our actions follow the requirements resulting from GMP+ and Quality Management System. We will thoroughly investigate the cause of any quality problem and take immediate action to prevent recurrence remediate.


Petrex GmbH stands for honestly, openness and transparency in practices and in reporting. We require our suppliers and forwarders to observe the fundamental human rights and relevant national laws. We demand sincerity and fairness in all our business activities.

Bribery and corruption

We take a zero-tolerance approach to the making or receiving of bribes or corrupt payments in any form. PETREX GmbH employees will neither accept bribes not will they offer them. We comply with all national and international laws and regulations.

Social responsibility

PETREX GmbH does not tolerate its suppliers to engage in any form of exploitation such as forced labor or child labor.
Clear regulations and processes of health and safety must apply to the workplaces of our suppliers. Work methods and conditions that would contravene human rights are prohibited. Wages paid for regular work must cover the cost of living. Therefore, we chose not to work with suppliers or customers who cannot meet these standards.

Prohibition of discrimination

Any form of discrimination based on a person’s gender, age, religion, social origin, disablement, ethnic and national origin, nationality, political conviction, sexual prefe-rence or other personal characteristics will not be tolerated.

Cooperation with suppliers

Petrex GmbH assists its suppliers in meeting international standards. A lot of our suppliers signed a “Suppliers Code of Conduct” with us.


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