Sustainability is a current topic that is becoming more and more vital. The latest survey results show that this trend is also spreading further in the commercial sector. The online study was conducted on the YouGov platform from 5 to 10 April and included participants from the DACH region and France.

Results in detail

The study addressed decision-makers from small and medium-sized companies. More than 40 percent of respondents said that the importance of sustainability has increased significantly  (15 percent) or at least slightly (26 percent) in their company. This is a result of the current challenges. In total, only seven percent of respondents report a decline in the importance of the topic of sustainability. According to the survey, even two-thirds of all companies (66 percent) have implemented environmental and climate initiatives in the past twelve months. For example, 13 percent of respondents want to switch their vehicle fleet to electric cars.


The current crises present huge problems for companies in a wide range of fields: Massively rising energy costs and disrupted supply chains are two particularly challenging examples. Nevertheless, the issue of sustainability does not lose its importance and is likely to become even more critical. Petrex GmbH is also actively working on an expansion of sustainability in all three scope dimensions