Especially in the last two years, logistics have been characterized by global difficulties. Even today, the impact of the Covid pandemic can still be felt in everyday life. The Russia-Ukraine war is also affecting supply chains. Nevertheless, the overall logistic situation has improved compared to last year.

Far East Westbound (FEWB)

Demand for ocean freight remained low, particularly in the first half of November. Thus, there is resumed pressure on spot rates. As a result, rates continue to fall. Cargo space is available, but delays are still expected because of congested ports in Europe. Nevertheless, it can be noted that the runtimes have shortened in general. Additionally, an increasing container availability is observed, despite the existing burden of Blank Sailings.


Even though there’s a currently general accessibility of capacities, companies should think proactively. We recommend that they remain flexible in planning the transport due to possible port congestion and delays.