Fluctuations in raw material prices are a challenge for every company. High differences can significantly influence the planning of production and the calculation of sales prices. The first industry forecasts for 2023 have already been made. Also, the company RadarRadar (formerly Tradesparent) has given its assessment.

About RadarRadar

The Dutch provider is an expert in data integration and data harmonization in the raw materials industry. Existing data are collected, checked and thoroughly evaluated for providing specific forecasts.

Results in detail

According to RadarRadar, the market outlook for 2023 is challenging as the market structure and participants change significantly. Geopolitical issues, consolidation of the raw materials industry and integration lead to less transparency and, in turn, more market protection. Strong price volatility is expected to continue in the future and has not yet peaked even with declining market liquidity. The topic of intangible resources are also widening the gap between the material and financial markets and increasing the risk of hedging. As a result, there’s a need for reliable on-demand insights into both material and financial holdings. Companies have to expect evolving regulatory requirements and increasing market uncertainty.