Our office is located on the Lower Rhine in the picturesque town of Kempen. It is known for its historical sights. In addition to the historical center, a castle is a landmark of the city and is within walking distance of the office.

History of the castle

The ‘Kurkölnische Landesburg‘ delights with its appeal. Originally built in 1396-1400, it was restored in neo-Gothic style after a great fire in 1856. First constructed at the request of the Archbishop of Cologne, the building holds a long history. Whether it was occupied by French revolutionary groups in 1794 or used as a school building from 1863-1925 – the ravages of time have not taken away the castle’s impressive beauty.

The castle today

At the present, the property is used as a district and city archive and is also an adult education center. From the inside, the castle is unfortunately not open to the general public, but culturally interested tourists can request a visit at the Town Hall. Also, the former castle courtyard is now a public park. Perfect for a relaxing stroll.