In Germany, eMobility is on the rise. In 2021, 28% more electric cars were registered on the German market than in the previous year. The number of registrations will resume rising in 2022. Many people continue to be dependent on a car and opt for an electric or hybrid solution.

Future of driving is green!

Undisputedly, mobility is an important influencing factor to protect the environment. But it is not only the reduced CO2 emissions that are positive. Electric cars also have a lower particulate matter, noise and nitrogen pollution than conventional combustion engines. In recent years, the technology and vehicle offerings have continued to improve.

Our goal

Since environmental protection is a significant concern to us, we have now installed our first wallbox. The first cars in the fleet are already being switched to eMobility. Employees’ private cars are also allowed to use this wallbox free of charge. In addition, we buy 100% green electricity and look forward to further investments in environmental protection.