Over the past year the EUR USD exchange rate was quite stable at around 1.10 with ups and downs to 1.12 or 1.08. Since June however, the EUR steadily gained against the USD and reached a two-year high of 1.1965 this Tuesday.

On the one hand the Euro is getting stronger, mainly because the European economy seems to find a better way out of the Covid crisis. On the other hand the USD faces losses against almost every currency recently. Since beginning of July it dropped 6.4% against Swedish Krona, 2.5% against the Japanese Yen and even against emerging market currencies such as the Brazilian Real or the Mexican Peso it fell 6.0 and 4.9%.

In case the United States will struggle to contain the pandemic in near future, financial experts predict that the EUR further gains against the USD, going beyond the psychological mark of 1.20 very soon.