2020 was a challenge for many companies – not only because of the Corona pandemic. The Munich-based IT provider riskmethods examine each year in their risk report which risks have particularly affected companies. However, the effect of Covid-19 is less than expected.

The risk report and its results…

The impact of the pandemic on global supply chains is focused on in the report. According to riskmethods, the number of risk alerts increased by 57 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year. The consequences were capacity limits, product shortages, and in many cases a significant decline in sales and orders. Suppliers, in particular, came under pressure. Almost every second risk alert in 2020 showed a financial problem among suppliers.

The pandemic causes new risks

The pandemic supply chain problems value for only a small proportion of 4% in the survey, the rest being taken by other risks. The paper lists the top 3 SCM threats for 2020 as changes in revenue and growth prospects, changes in the ownership structure, and changes in key employees. An overview of the 10 most common risks can be found in the figure. Risks are also expected to increase in 2021. Challenges of shipping blockades and also the problem of cybercrime in the Home Office could grow even further in 2021.