The past months have led to global logistical challenges. Many companies had problems maintaining the supply chain. Ocean freight was especially affected by these impacts. There was a shortage of containers and the capacity of the ports was reduced.

Current situation in China

However, recent data from the US platform FouKnites show an increasing normalization of the situation at Chinese ports. The deceleration of the lockdown leads to an expansion in import and export capacities. For example, the volume of ocean freight at the Shanghai port is rising again in mid-May. This trend can also be observed at other Chinese ports. Road and rail freight transport also continues to advance.

Risks for Europe

The further growth in operations at Chinese ports will have an impact on European ports, as this will tie up significant transport capacities. The container loads now released could, with a certain delay, overload the handling capacity at European ports. The influx of freight into Europe must also find its way through already congested gateways. Therefore, a particular efficiency in scheduling and planning of own logistics is recommended.