We got a wallbox!

We got a wallbox!

In Germany, eMobility is on the rise. In 2021, 28% more electric cars were registered on the German market than in the previous year. The number of registrations will resume rising in 2022. Many people continue to be dependent on a car and opt for an electric or hybrid solution.

Future of driving is green!

Undisputedly, mobility is an important influencing factor to protect the environment. But it is not only the reduced CO2 emissions that are positive. Electric cars also have a lower particulate matter, noise and nitrogen pollution than conventional combustion engines. In recent years, the technology and vehicle offerings have continued to improve.

Our goal

Since environmental protection is a significant concern to us, we have now installed our first wallbox. The first cars in the fleet are already being switched to eMobility. Employees’ private cars are also allowed to use this wallbox free of charge. In addition, we buy 100% green electricity and look forward to further investments in environmental protection.

Ammonia as a fuel alternative

Ammonia as a fuel alternative

Ammonia is an underestimated compound and has already proved its versatility as a fertilizer in the past.
Recent research has identified other potential uses.

Possible application fields of Ammonia

Today, the world faces a new challenge – the climate change. In the long term, new environment-friendly ways for generating energy must be found. Ammonia could be utilized by capturing, storing, and shipping hydrogen for use in emission-free fuel cells and turbines. The direct combustion of ammonia in power plants and marine engines is also being pursued.
This could be an alternative to current energy production methods. The development of “green” ammonia from hydrogen has begun.



Some companies have already invested in this idea. However, development and optimization are time-consuming and cost-intensive. Whether Ammonia can establish itself as an alternative in the long term will be decided by the market.

Our No Gender Gap Policy

Our No Gender Gap Policy

Equality between men and women still shows deficits in many areas of life. Many women also have to contend with disadvantages in their working lives. In particular, we obligate not to allow gender differences among our employees. Equal rights for employees are our top priority. We commit ourselves to achieving these goals. In this regard, we are implementing the following measure:

Petrex GmbH No Gender Gap Policy


When it comes to income, many companies still experience so-called “gender pay gaps. ” As a result, there are also differences in the level of pensions. We avoid gender differences in pay. The salary is calculated according to work performance plus educational level and can be adjusted regularly. Special benefits are granted for all employees to the same extent.


Every employee has the opportunity to receive further training. In accordance with his current and planned activities, individual training courses are selected. Women are equally welcome to take advantage of this opportunity


We want to protect the health of our employees and also understand diseases within the family. Every employee is of course exempted from necessary preventive check-ups. If an employee’s child is ill, we offer the option of working in the home office or spontaneous absence without the employee having to expect any negative consequences. We also value the role of the family and protected their jobs, especially for pregnant employees, to ensure a balance between work and family life.


For us, the work performance of the individual is important. We do not differentiate between the gender and are equally interested in giving women the opportunity to take on a leadership role. Currently, we have a gender ratio of 33% female and 67% male. In the future, we want to make this percentage even more balanced.

Learn more here.

year of the tiger

year of the tiger

Dear business partner,

2022 is the year of the Tiger according to the lunar calendar.

The Tiger is known as the king of all beasts in China. The zodiac sign Tiger is a symbol of strengthexorcising evils, and braveness. Many Chinese kids wear hats or shoes with a tiger image of for good luck.

Below we would like to share the dates of public holidays in China this year:

  • Chinese New Year: 31st Jan – Feb 6th
  • Qing Ming Festival: Apr 3rd – 5th
  • Labor Day: Apr 30th – May 4th
  • Dragon Boat Festival: Jun 3rd – 5th
  • Mid Autumn Festival: Sep 10th – 12th
  • National Day: Oct 1st – 7th
New HS classification codes per January 1st

New HS classification codes per January 1st

The World Customs Organization decided to change the harmonized systems codes in the new year. A general review will be carried out. This change may also affect your daily business because currently existing HS codes might become invalid.

About the HS Code

The Harmonized System is a worldwide recognized classification method for the international trading of goods. It determines which rate of customs duty applies and how the goods are treated for statistical purposes. The World Customs Organization reviewed this method regularly. Within the change in 2022, the seventh edition of the HS will come into effect.

Changes in detail

Adaption is caused by the changes in the worldwide environment in regards to health and safety, innovations and social developments.  It makes the further specification of classification necessary including information about electrical and electronic waste, new subheadings for specific chemicals controlled under the Chemical Weapon Convention, hazardous chemicals controlled under the Rotterdam Convention, own classification codes for unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and new subheadings for smartphones. The new HS will also supplemental clarify texts for a more uniform application of the method.

We recommend having the classification of your goods checked!

We work from home!

We work from home!

The safety of our employees is paramount. Because of raising covid cases in Germany, we have decided to work more in home office.

Our quality standard remains unchanged!

Maximum reliability, care and efficiency make us stand out. In order to ensure this smoothly in home office, we have invested in the digitization of the company. Our employees are trained and can work anywhere. You can still reach us under the known contact details.

Our main office

Despite new Covid measures, we always have a limited number of employees in the office to manage offline tasks like postal documents.

Stay safe and keep smiling!