Petrex started to supply photoinitiators to different end users last year. These products are used by UV ink and coating producers for the curing process. Since last year there is a lot of movement in the market. Prices changed enormously between times of shortages and market saturation. Another factor is the reclassification of some photoinitiators. One example is TPO, an initator used by many ink producers, was recently reclassified by EuPIA (European Printing Ink Association) as teratogenic and therefore not allowed in many ink applications in future.

Because of the big changes in the industry, producers as well as end users are working on alternatives. The Radtech conference, established in Basel in 1988, has always been an important event for the future trends in the radiation curing industry. Innovative companies and academic institutes are presenting the latest research and current developments. Petrex will attend Radtech Europe (Munich, 15-16 October) as well as Radtech Asia (Hangzhou, 17-20 October). We are looking forward to meet some of our business partners.