Since we joined the EcoVadis Program in 2017, the role of sustainability is more important than ever.  Companies have to raise awareness of issues related to the environment and question their ethical point of view. This forward-looking topic is an important concern for us and we are pleased to have found a rating service that can quantify our efforts. Being sustainable is a  necessary measure to save the planet.

Petrex GmbH joins EcoVadis programm

EcoVadis is a certificated service for companies that analyses the sections environment, fair business practice, sustainable procurement, labor, and ethics of a participating company. As a result, an evaluated business gets a scorecard with an overview of its sustainable performance. The rated company can compare its score with the benchmark in their industry. Depending on your score results, you get possible bronze, silver, gold or platinum ratings.

The score shows the transparency and sustainability of Petrex GmbH

As an importer of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, a high understanding of ethics is imperative – not only for our employees but also for every business partner. We have evaluated comprehensive measures to act sustainably in the long term. We are pleased that our efforts and our improvements have been recognized with a platinum medal. In all the areas, we can achieve a rating well above the industry average. This makes us one of the one Top-1%-companies of all the companies rated by EcoVadis. Sustainability is a matter of the heart for Petrex GmbH. We also want to improve continuously in the future. Any questions? Feel free to contact us!