The UK left Europe in January 2021, but even today there are still some uncertainties. In terms of legislation, only Northern Ireland continues to have EU customs and chemicals legislation. With the introduction of REACH UK, the European model was replicated in the UK with the changes needed to make it operable in a domestic context. Both REACH regulations operate independently of each other, so both should comply.

New measures for UK REACH

Every business must identify and manage the risk presented by their substances by considering their role in the supply chain. All chemicals traded in the UK must be registered over one tonne per year. Companies based in the UK can register by the Health and Safety Agency. Non-GB companies can appoint a UK-based only representative. An IT-Reach system has also been introduced.

Uk REACH and Petrex GmbH

We are currently working on adaptions to ensure legally compliant sales. Also, we recommend checking your status at REACH UK.