The World Customs Organization decided to change the harmonized systems codes in the new year. A general review will be carried out. This change may also affect your daily business because currently existing HS codes might become invalid.

About the HS Code

The Harmonized System is a worldwide recognized classification method for the international trading of goods. It determines which rate of customs duty applies and how the goods are treated for statistical purposes. The World Customs Organization reviewed this method regularly. Within the change in 2022, the seventh edition of the HS will come into effect.

Changes in detail

Adaption is caused by the changes in the worldwide environment in regards to health and safety, innovations and social developments.  It makes the further specification of classification necessary including information about electrical and electronic waste, new subheadings for specific chemicals controlled under the Chemical Weapon Convention, hazardous chemicals controlled under the Rotterdam Convention, own classification codes for unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and new subheadings for smartphones. The new HS will also supplemental clarify texts for a more uniform application of the method.

We recommend having the classification of your goods checked!