Guilin is a city in the Guangxi autonomous region in China. It used to be the provincial capital of Guangxi during the Ming and Qing dynasty. That is why the abbreviation of the Guangxi region is still called 桂 (Guì). By the way, those abbreviations are printed on the license plate of any registered vehicle in China. If you want to check where a car is from, that’s how to find out.

Nowadays, Guilin area is very popular for its history and beautiful landscape including the famous Longji rice terraces and the Li river, a scene which is printed on the back of ¥20 bank notes. Talking about money, now is the right time to travel to Guilin. As a result of the step-up in the US-China trade war, Beijing uses its currency to threat America. A weaker Yuan makes Chinese exports more competitive, or cheaper to buy with foreign currencies. As a result, foreigners now can travel China cheaper than in the recent years.