Equality between men and women still shows deficits in many areas of life. Many women also have to contend with disadvantages in their working lives. In particular, we obligate not to allow gender differences among our employees. Equal rights for employees are our top priority. We commit ourselves to achieving these goals. In this regard, we are implementing the following measure:

Petrex GmbH No Gender Gap Policy


When it comes to income, many companies still experience so-called “gender pay gaps. ” As a result, there are also differences in the level of pensions. We avoid gender differences in pay. The salary is calculated according to work performance plus educational level and can be adjusted regularly. Special benefits are granted for all employees to the same extent.


Every employee has the opportunity to receive further training. In accordance with his current and planned activities, individual training courses are selected. Women are equally welcome to take advantage of this opportunity


We want to protect the health of our employees and also understand diseases within the family. Every employee is of course exempted from necessary preventive check-ups. If an employee’s child is ill, we offer the option of working in the home office or spontaneous absence without the employee having to expect any negative consequences. We also value the role of the family and protected their jobs, especially for pregnant employees, to ensure a balance between work and family life.


For us, the work performance of the individual is important. We do not differentiate between the gender and are equally interested in giving women the opportunity to take on a leadership role. Currently, we have a gender ratio of 33% female and 67% male. In the future, we want to make this percentage even more balanced.

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