Digital media have experienced significant growth in recent years and are now irreplaceable in everyday life. Companies also benefit from digitization, for example through increased productivity and competitiveness. Therefore, it has become irreplaceable for entrepreneurs to think about their digital future and invest in it.


Digitization is a dominant issue for the chemical industry in particular. The range of possibilities is wide. It varies from digital solutions for production, maintenance and plant planning/construction to cyber security, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain to big data, machine learning, smart analytics and 5G. Here, it is necessary to differentiate whether digital solutions are to be used for business processes or production. While many companies have already implemented numerous options for their business processes, according to experts estimates, production still offers a lot of potential for expansion among the industry’s big players.

Digitization at Petrex

We have already taken numerous measures to make our business processes more efficient. For example, we invested in a cloud-based ERP system with a multimodal approach. We will continue to examine possible new steps.