April 25 is a day to remember the significant role of trees and nature. Today, traditionally arbors are planted for raising awareness of the environment. The tree is also a sign of hope.


As early as 1872, the American journalist Julius Sterling Morton said, “Other holidays serve as a remembrance, Arbor Day points to the future. ” He submitted the Arbor Day Resolution to the government of Nebraska to show the importance of forests as resources. Inspired by this demand, the annual festival developed in the following years.

Our conviction

Environmental protection also plays a major role for Petrex GmbH. That’s why we used the day as an opportunity to plant 440 trees via GrowMyTree. As a result, approximately, 9.680kg of CO2 can be neutralized per year. This amount corresponds to the average annual output of a German citizen. We are pleased to be able to contribute to the reforestation of the world.